Success Stories

“I am writing to you about, Joseph, the little boy you sponsored last fall.  He has been working with his reading tutor twice a week since the end of August and the results so far have been astonishing.  Both his mother and his teacher are thrilled.  He is now able to appropriately recognize and sound out all vowels, most of the consonants and very simple words.  This is still behind the curve for a 3rd grader, but is great progress and the beginning of learning to successfully read.  His mother reports that he no longer is having temper tantrums and is beginning to have some friends.  His entire well being is much improved due to your financial support.”

“Over the past year, I Have a Dream (Louisville location) has been fortunate enough to partner with the Stan McKee Reading Foundation (SMRF) which provides dyslexia specific tutoring for two of my Dreamers. Both Dreamers have a history of challenges with reading, and their parents had struggled with getting them the specific resources needed for their dyslexia to be recognized and supported. Through SMRF, my two Dreamers have received one-on-one tutoring twice per week for over a year, and SMRF has committed to continuing with them for two more years! This level of individual, needs-based tutoring by a professional is a blessing for any child, but without the scholarship the girls received, it would be out of reach for children from low income families. Throughout the past year, I have watched the Dreamers grow in their reading skills and their confidence. Now, when they are stuck while reading, they have skills they feel comfortable with to help them decode words and the confidence that they are strong readers who can figure it out and persevere. On top of the direct benefit to their reading and academics, the two Dreamers have also developed a very strong relationship with their devoted tutor from Reading Solutions. She serves as a strong positive role model in their lives, and is someone who helps them recognize their true value.
Thank you for changing the lives of my two Dreamers.” Thanks, Marrisa (Program Director Ryan Class, Ryan Elementary)


Xitlali 4th grader studies vowel rules and sounds


Angel is a 6th grader. He is working with the Reading Solutions tutor in Colorado on blends and diagraphs.