About SMRF

“The Stan McKee Reading Foundation is a 501c3 organization established in  honor of my father who was a Kindergarten thru 8th grade principal for 40 plus years and an education/literacy professor. My goal is to provide testing, intervention and effective tutoring for dyslexic students in SMRF. Additionally, through these efforts and partnerships with public and private schools in these areas, I hope to educate the school systems and encourage them to recognize and begin to meet the needs of dyslexic readers at an early stage My goal is to raise enough funds to provide 5 three year scholarships and introduce six additional students each year. I am partnering with the I Have a Dream Foundation to identify appropriate students.  It is my hope to expand this organization and influence the public school systems to recognize so many students’ reading needs.” Penny McKee


Penny McKee is a former first grade teacher and mother of two. After retiring from teaching, Ms. McKee volunteered for several non-profit organizations which led to fifteen years working as a professional fundraiser. Today she says that both her husband and one son had difficulties in school in their early years, likely due to undiagnosed dyslexia. Penny’s life experiences and relationships provided her with a strong platform and desire to help children struggling in the educational system. “Education is what my family has been all about, therefore, to create a specific support system to help children in this little acknowledged and poorly understood field was most appropriate. Dyslexia tutoring appealed to me because I was aware that the school systems are not able to successfully address the issue, yet dyslexia is a disability that can be fully corrected with the proper instruction.”